Earlier this year while looking to upgrade to a Scotty Cameron putter, I found a deal on Wish.com for a 2016 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 for a price of $80. I figured it was coming from somewhere that had an overstock left over from 2016 and the price was too good to pass up. When the putter finally arrived I noticed many things that didn’t look or feel right to me. Upon researching how to spot a fake I found that everything that could be wrong was wrong with this putter. I immediately contact Wish to let them know they have sold a counterfeit Cameron and within 10 minutes they had refunded my money and said there was no need to send the putter back. I learned my lesson and a month later I went to a Titleist authorized dealer and ordered a new Cameron putter. It was nice to get my money back, but to this day you can still buy that putter on Wish.com with who knows how many people are getting these fakes and not knowing. Thank you for doing what you do.